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Fair Ireland

Fair Ireland is owned and run by an Irish lad who is a qualified Bord Failte Guide and Mountain Leader. The leader leads many of the groups himself but his biggest asset is the team of equally qualified guides,, hill walking leaders, drivers and of course the fleet of up to date, luxury coaches specially adapted to the golfer, bird watcher or trekker.

Ireland is one of the world’s most beautiful countries. A land of greens and purples, mountains and lakes, dramatic scenery and still with plenty of space in our sparsely populated countryside to enjoy whatever pursuits you favour.

Our famous links golf courses are known throughout the world, our coasts and rivers a birdwatchers paradise and our hills are so vast that you can walk for days in total solitude.
The History of Ireland begins as far back as 8000 BC and the relics of these ancient people continue to amaze us. With Neolithic stone tombs, Bronze Age stone circles, Iron Age ring forts, early Christian Settlements, Viking Towns, Medieval Castles and a history even more varied, this is an archaeologist’s dream.

Fair Ireland brings all this to you with an added bonus – The Irish People. We Irish enjoy what we call ‘The Craic’. This is variously describes as music, dance, conversation, humour, drink, eating, storytelling and anything else you can think of to enjoy the human experience.

We cater for any number of people, from one to one thousand. You let us know what is your particular interest and leave the rest to us. Sample itineries are included in the various web pages.

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